Making a difference through research

Read about some of the ground-breaking research projects our faculty members are leading.

Policies that work

Dr Bilgrami’s findings were reported on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald, and by many other publications nationally. The research was also covered in Human Resources Director magazine, reaching key people in this sector, and Dr Bilgrami a...

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Rebecca Mitchell

Building resilience in mine workers

Images of rugged coal miners in high visibility wear and heavy machinery are almost iconic, but without resilience, their capacity to deal with a range of industry specific psychological stressors may be compromised. Workers in open cut and underground co...

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Jun Yao

The dark side of cryptocurrency

What kind of people are willing to take a chance on the highly volatile world of cryptocurrency speculation? Impulsive psychopaths are among those identified as interested in the wild world of highly speculative currencies – lured by the potential o...

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Deborah Schofield

Families feeling the cost of care

The hidden costs to families of dealing with the challenges that accompany intellectual disability can be considerable, ranging from social isolation to forgone superannuation savings. While 600,000 people live with intellectual disability, it is their fa...

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Professor John Dumay

Working toward a truly guilt-free treat

Chocolate’s feel-good factor is a big part of the joy if its consumption. But exploitation of cocoa producers, including women and children in West Africa, can result in entrapment in poverty, a factor not usually taken into account when choosing th...

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